Velja afhendingarmáta
Höfundar: Lína Rut Wilberg, Þorgrímur Þráinsson

Far out on the mirror-smooth sea is the amazingly beautiful Magic Island, where Nui and Nia live with their friends in peace and harmony. The island is full of bustling life and unforeseeable adventures happen every day.

But the bossy pirate Pedro is never far away, and one day he puts Nui and Nia in a dangerous spot when he comes sailing in a giant umbrella and tries to steal a wisp of cloud from the islanders.

The fantasy fairy-tale world of Lína Rut has finally become a reality; she has worked on this delightful idea for many years. In collaboration with Thorgrímur Thráinsson, who provides the text to her beautiful illustrations, the fairy tale comes to life.