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Höfundur Sarah Knight


The international bestseller on the art of caring less and getting more

What began as a practical parody of Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has taken on a life of its own. Sarah Knight’s NotSorry Method for mental decluttering has helped millions of readers rid themselves of unwanted obligations, shame, and guilt—and start giving their fucks instead to people and things that make them happy.

How about you? Are you stressed out, overbooked, and underwhelmed by life? Fed up with pleasing everyone else before you please yourself? Then it’s time to stop giving a fuck and start living your best life! You’ll learn about:

  • Making a Fuck Budget
  • The magic of personal policies
  • The Likability Vortex
  • Hownotto be an asshole
  • And so much more!