Velja afhendingarmáta

That's mine Leah activity chain Dino

Falleg keðja með dreka sem hægt er að hengja yfir vagn eða kerru og jafnvel bílstóla ofl.

Leah activity chain iscute and perfect for the baby to look at and play with. The chain is elastic so you can have the perfect length to the pram. The activity chain can be clipsed on in each side with metallic clips. It comes in soft textures, with a mirror, crinkle sound and an animal that can play a melody. Available in lovely colors and motifs in 100% soft polyester.

Wash instructions

Bleaching:Do not Bleach Dry clean:Do not dry clean Drying:Do not tumble dry Ironing:Do not iron Wash:Do not wash


Product length:52 Product width:7 Product height:16

4.890 kr.