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Lamaze Bea banani, hringla og skrjáf

Hidden surprise: bea the banana features multiple textures ideal for cuddling while encouraging tactile stimulation. grab and peel bea to discover a hidden surprise! lots to see, hear and touch!
Sensory toy: high contrast patterns and satin ribbons to keep your baby entertained while stimulating their senses. great for promoting problem solving skills shake bea to hear her sounds!
Teething toy: this newborn toy comes with a chewy banana teether to help soothe your baby in moments of discomfort, allowing them to chew and bite while playing and learning
Car seat, cot, pushchair, stroller & pram toy: this highly versatile plush toy comes with a ring that can be attached to any type of pram or cot, as well as to your baby’s activity centre

Lamaze Bea banani, hringla og skrjáf Lamaze Bea banani er leikfang til að festa á vagna og kerru. Örvandi fyrir ungbörn með litum og hljóðum.

3.500 kr.