Velja afhendingarmáta

Höfundur Albert Björn

The magic of Iceland is known to all those who have set foot on this seemingly desolate rock in the North Atlantic.

Mystical staves, crafty hidden folk and the dangerous ghosts of long dead priests all have their place within the magic of the island. However, our plant life tends to go unnoticed. Hiding in the shadow of a misty mountain, thriving in the warmth of a geothermal stream, the plants of this island hold potent magic.

Less often talked about in the mainstream, the magic of Iceland's plants is available to all. Iceland's plants have been utilised by the islands inhabitants, and the secrets they offer up are now available to you. This blend of folkloric and contemporary Icelandic magical practice draws equally from both the living and long dead traditions of the island, giving a voice to both the plant spirits and practitioners of the land.

Learn how to work Icelandic plants and staves together in equally practical and powerful spells of invisibility, charms for protection from all manner of creatures, to win love, games and more.