Velja afhendingarmáta
Höfundar: Bernadette Gilbertas, Olivier Grunewald

Dominated by fire and ice, water and erosion, dramatically torn by the wind, shimmering in the vicinity of hot springs, and silent in the cold of winter, Iceland is never static. Nor is it predictable. Recent volcanic eruptions have reminded us that this island, born amid the waves of the North Atlantic, remains a land in motion, unfinished. Olivier Grunewald and Beradette Gilbertas have roamed the country and met people who have learned to cope with the unexpected. They show us men and women who love their land and are determined to protect its natural resources.

Olivier Grunewald caught the Iceland virus when he first visited the island in 1978. He became a professional photographer and has returned repeatedly, fascinated by Iceland‘s volcanic landscape. He has been awarded the prestigious World Photo prize several times for his work.

Journalist and writer Bernadette Gilbertas has been the head of the Rhône-Alpes Fedration for the Protection of Nature in Lyon for nearly ten years and her passion for nature has led her to write numerous reports on the subject of nature and conservation.