Velja afhendingarmáta

Hávamál is the words of wisdom which served as spiritual provisions for the Vikings on their long journeys over the rough sea to discover new lands. These sayings give a clear picture of their view of and attitude to life.

Hávamál tells you how to treat guests, how to behave, and advises about the art of living, friendship, money, happiness, eating, travelling, and even positive thinking.

Hávamál tells you how to use power; tells you about the nature of secrecy, explains foresight and agility, extravagance and moderation. And more…

Hávamál has often been compared to the old Chinese book of the Tao (the Way), which could be called the wisdom of the east. In the same manner the Hávamál is well described as the Wisdom of the North.

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