Velja afhendingarmáta

FreeOn hvalakoppur grár Koppur með bakstuðningi, sem veitir barninu stöðugt og þægilegt sæti. Rennihöldur hjálpa til við að koma í veg fyrir að koppurinn renni til við notkun. Fjarlægjanlegur innri hluti gerir það svo auðvelt að tæma og þrífa pottinn. Cute potty has a back rest in a shape of tail and this provides a child stabile and comfortable seating. Antislip protection prevents slipping of the potty during the use while the removable inner part helps you to easily empty and clean the potty. Constant and consistent use of potty gives a child the opportunity of kind and peacefull diapers separation and design of the potty absolutely also has an important role in this proces. It attracts child to often use of potty and encourages him to independency. It is proven that a child which participate in a potty choosing, prefer the use of it and this helps him to train the potty use and at the same time we all know that children learn by example of older or adult person the same sex. Children usually in the age range between 18 and 24 months

9.490 kr.