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Höfundur Rachael Cohen

Everyday Plant Magic is a modern guide to enhancing your life through the magical energy of nature, from choosing the right plant for your spiritual needs to understanding where best to place it and how to harness its power. Featuring 45 plant profiles, which will showcase each plant's magical properties, from healing to stimulating and purifying to energising, learn how they can be used to cleanse a space of bad energy and help calm the mind and revitalise the body. Also discover how their placement in the home can enhance magical energies like prosperity, good health, success and relationships.

Energy practices for invigorating the chakras with Nature's support, along with a highlight on crystal companions for harnessing additional magical energies, are also included. Whether you position a Snake Plant by the door to ward off bad energy, use Aloe Vera leaves to calm a burn or add a rose quartz to your Rose Plant to call in more love, this practical guide will equip you with all you need to hardness the transformative power of Nature and your plants.