Velja afhendingarmáta

„Once upon a time – 20:45 on Friday, March 19th 2021 to be precise – a fairy-tale volcano was born at Geldingadalir, `The Valley of the Geldings, by Fagradalsfjall.”So begins the story of this extraordinary natural event. After almost eight hundred years of peace, Southwest Icelands Reykjanes Peninsula was shaken by a swarm of 50,000 earthquakes and the eruption of the most beautiful and dramatic volcano that Max Milligan had seen in a lifetime of photographing seismic activity.

This awe-inspiring spectacle combined the immense powers of creation and destruction: natures glory in full force. In Birth of a Volcano, the world-renowned photographer Max Milligan harnesses natural light and curated moments from the first three months of eruptions to create an exceptional painterly account of this unexpected historical episode.

2.300 kr.