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Pros and cons

  • 2 in 1: heating and defrosting
  • Suitable for different sizes of bottles and jars
  • BPA-free
  • Temperature not precisely adjustable

TheAlecto Baby BW600bottle warmer allows you to quickly and safely heat a bottle or jar.With this bottle warmer you can evenly bring baby food, (breast) milk and jars to the right temperature within a few minutes. Key features

  • 150 ml of milk is heated within 5 minutes (from room temperature 20 degrees)
  • Gradual and even heating of baby food and (breast) milk
  • Also heat jars of baby food easily and safely using the included jar holder
  • Preservation of vitamins and nutrients
  • Large reservoir for all common bottle sizes and jars
  • Power 210W

How does this bottle warmer work? To heat a jar, set the bottle warmer to setting three.If you want to heat milk, you can use all three settings: Position 1: heating is gradual.This is also the keep warm setting, if you do not immediately give the bottle to the baby. Mode 2: heating is approximately twice as fast as in mode 1. Position 3: you can use this if you are in a hurry to get the bottle warm.The water in which you heat the bottle becomes really hot at this setting, so be careful when you take the bottle out of the bottle warmer. At Alecto Baby we know a lot about the care of babies and the wishes of young parents.We develop our products to support you safely, easily and quickly.For example, theAlecto Baby BW600bottle warmer requires nothing more than a little tap water and some electricity to heat a bottle or jar.Have you forgotten the water at a busy time, or is it not enough?Then the boil-dry protection does its job.This way nothing can go wrong. It's wonderful to watch your little one drink his or her bottle to the last drop.Your eyes closed in enjoyment, or focused on your face with interest.No matter how small babies are, they can already shout 'hungry!' with great enthusiasm.hand off.And that at any time of the day.Then you want to be able to give a bottle or jar quickly and easily. What is important with a bottle warmer? Always choose a bottle warmer that heats the milk or food gradually and evenly.You don't want one bite to be lukewarm and the other hot.This bottle warmer ensures beautifully even heating and is also fast.Some other advantages of this bottle warmer:

  • The rapid heating preserves vitamins and nutrients.
  • The bottle warmer can never boil dry, thanks to the safety feature.
  • Is the bottle ready, but does the little one need a clean diaper first?The keep warm function keeps the milk/food at a nice temperature.
  • The reservoir is spacious enough for bottles and jars of all sizes.
  • BPA free

As a parent, you probably know Alecto Baby from our baby monitors, but we have many more great baby care products.Like this bottle warmer.With Alecto Baby you choose a well-thought-out, high-quality product. What's in the box?

  • Bottle warmer
  • Potty holder
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT


6.900 kr.