Velja afhendingarmáta

That's mine Brjóstagjafapúði Bouquet bleu This wonderful, innovative, and multifunctional nursing pillow is designed for expectant and new parents to provide the best start to a whole new and amazing chapter. The nursing pillow caters to the essential needs when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding the baby. With this groundbreaking nursing pillow, breastfeeding twins is no challenge, as the length is made long to accommodate two babies. The pillow is practical and portable, simply tying around the body. This feature makes it particularly convenient when getting up to lift the baby from, for example, the crib to breastfeeding. At each end of the nursing pillow, a small soft leaf is attached, ensuring that the baby always has a comforting cloth within reach. Additionally, it is moldable, providing comfortable support for both mother and baby during breastfeeding, as a sleep pillow, or lumbar support for the pregnant mother. Simultaneously, it serves as perfect support when the baby needs to lie on the stomach, as a chair or neck support as the child grows.

Wash instructions

Bleaching:Do not Bleach Dry clean:Do not dry clean Drying:Do not tumble dry Ironing:Do not iron Wash:Wash warm (max 40°C) Shrinkage:Up to 3%

13.500 kr.