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Does your baby calm down from rocking movements? Or have you ever gotten cramps from bouncing your regular bouncer seat with your foot to keep your baby settled?

Let Sleepytroll lend a foot! Sleepytroll Bouncer Adapter easily attaches to your bouncer seat and rocks your little one to sleep – or simply keeps your baby settled when you are showering, making dinner, or playing with the siblings.

No need for expensive, automatic bouncers with the help of Sleepytroll Baby Rocker and the Bouncer Adaptor.

The Sleepytroll Bouncer Adaptor fits most traditional baby bouncer designs with round tubular surrounding frames (like the Babybjörn Bouncer). Not sure if it will fit your bouncer? Send us an email at[email protected]with a link to your current bouncer and we will try to help.



5.990 kr.