Velja afhendingarmáta

That’s mine Brjóstagjafapúði Flores red

This lovely nursing pillow is designed for expectant parents to ensure your baby and you get the best start in life when breastfeeding or bottle feeding begins.The nursing pillow is innovative and multifunctional, so all you have to focus on is enjoying the bonding moment between you and your baby.We have attached two beautiful leaves to the pillow, so you always have a swaddling cloth for your baby close at hand.More so, the nursing pillow is designed to provide perfect support so that you can rest at an appropriate height and in a comfortable position while you breastfeed or bottle feed your child.We made the ends of the cushion longer – just tie them together and you have a small chair.You can also tie it around your waist and you will see how comfortable a nursing pillow can be.When you are done breastfeeding,

Material:100% Organic cotton
Country of origin:IN

Washing instructions

Bleaching:Do not tolerate bleaching
Cleaning:Do not tolerate cleaning
Drying:Do not tolerate tumble drying
Ironing:Do not tolerate ironing
Washing:Wash at max 40°C

That’s mine Brjóstagjafapúði Flores red

13.500 kr.