Velja afhendingarmáta

That's mine Agnes svefnpoki Dino estaSoft and delicious sleeping bag, which provides security and warmth to the little ones when they need to sleep.The sleeping bag helps your child feel safe and warm through the night and can also be used for naps during the day.The sleeping bag has an elastic band at the waist, which ensures that the bag stays in place when the baby turns.The sleeping bag can be opened from the top and bottom with a practical double zip, which is located at the front in the middle of the sleeping bag.The sleeping bag's TOG value is 1.5 (18 to 21 degrees) and is a year-round sleeping bag.

Washing instructions

Bleaching:Do not tolerate bleachingCleaning:Do not tolerate cleaningDrying:Tolerate tumble drying on low heatIroning:Do not tolerate ironingWashing:Wash at max 30°CShrinkage:Up to 3%

9.900 kr.