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Matchstick Monkey ísbjarnarbaðvog

Ísbjarnarvogin er nýjasta baðleikfangið úr smiðju Matchstick Monkey. Vogin er gerð úr Woodpulp sem er einstaklega umhverfisvænt og slitsterkt efni. Vogina er hægt að festa á baðkar eða sturtugler. Vogin gerir baðið skemmtilegt og lærdómsríkt.

Bathtime is playtime with this fun scale balance bath toy. The bath play set includes an animal scale and six weight chips, that tip the scale from side to side, creating fun and educational play during bath time. Balancing the weights encourages baby’s hand-eye coordination and the animal character design encourages learning through play.

Our Bathtime Scales come in two adorable character options!

  • Includes 1 Adorable Animal Scale with 6 Weights.
  • Made from environmentally friendly bio-based wood pulp, infused with BioCote, a silver ion antimicrobial technology, which is a safe, natural way to inhibit germs to keep your bath toys fresher and cleaner for longer.
  • Balancing the weights on the scale helps develop hand-eye coordination and inspires creativity.
  • Easily stick the scale on your bathtub, shower wall or any hard surface.
  • Suitable from 18 months+
  • As with all bath toys, always use with adult supervision

Matchstick Monkey ísbjarnarbaðvog

6.290 kr.