Drone delivery FAQ and instructions

I have ordered before and want to order again

Click here to order drone delivery from restaurants or click here to order drone delivery of groceries

What are drone deliveries?

Drone deliveries are a delivery method that utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver goods or food in the fastest possible way directly to your home. This delivery method is safer, and will be cheaper in the future than other delivery methods available. Aha and Flytrex started their co-operation on developing the service in 2016. The drones we use are now among the safest and most flown delivery drones in the world.

Where can I get a drone delivery?

Currently we can deliver via drone to 103,104,105,108,109,110,111 og 112, we are limited to approx 4km from Skeifan and we can not fly closer to the airport than 2km. In higher winds we sometimes reduce the area we deliver to.
Flight zone

Are drone deliveries safe?

Yes! the entire process from application to execution is primarily driven by safety considerations. We believe that there is less risk of accidents on people with drone deliveries than when goods are delivered by car. Our experience to date, which now counts many years, shows that this is the reality.

How do I order a drone delivery from aha?

On aha.is the chosen delivery method is "Drone Delivery". there you choose the delivery point where you want to pick up the order. We have set up a delivery point for over 2000 homes. Once the delivery point is selected, the restaurants that we offer drone delivery with will appear. You then choose your favorite product and put it in the basket.

My address is not active in drone deliveries, but I still want to try.

You can choose one of our open delivery stations in Reykjavik, open the home delivery option at the top of the page or in the app, click on Drone Delivery and choose a place from the map, ideal for a walk or a picnic with blanket and drink and the food descends from the sky.

A Picnic sounds exciting, how do I proceed

Example of good places to receive drone delivery orders are Kermóafoss in Elliðaárdalur or The washing pools in Laugardalur. Simply follow the links to get to the place, and then make a drone delivery order when you are there or no more than 10 minutes away. Remember to take good care of the environment and do not leave anything behind. You can use the delivery bag for this purpose.

Are these remote-controlled drones?

The drones are autonomous and fly according to a predetermined flight network.

How do I know when the delivery is coming?

The drone, of course, does not knock at people's homes, it leaves the package in the yard. You get a text message when the drone takes off and you can follow its location in real time. The service is faster than by car and the food manages to keep the heat better.

Will the food be cold?

No, most flights take less than 5 minutes, the food is put into a box that protects it from weather and wind. The food is therefore as warm or hotter than if we had sent it by car.

How fast does it go?

The drone travels at an average of 55km/hour. it flies in a straight line to you and does not stop at red lights.

Is there a lot of noise?

When the drone is at 70m and flying, there is little to no disruption. You can hear it when it's at the delivery point, our experience is that neighbors do not notice drone delivery, let alone if they are indoors.

Are there cameras on the drone?

No, the drone uses various sensors but not cameras for privacy reasons.

Is this environmentally friendly?

Yes! we believe this is one of the most environmentally friendly delivery methods available! except maybe delivering with horses. The project received the Environmental Award in 2021.

Umhverfisframtak ársins 2021 - Aha.is from Samtök atvinnulífsins on Vimeo.

When can I order?

Drone Delivery is open every day between 11 - 20 when the weather permits. We aim to close when the wind is much over 10 m/s or there is a chance of rain.

What do I do next?

Click at the top of the page and choose Drone Delivery and delivery location. Once that is done you can choose a restaurant or food item to get home delivery.