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Sleepytroll festingar á rúm

Babies sleep better with a rocking motion, and with the Sleepytroll Bed Adaptor you can use Sleepytroll Baby Rocker on the crib. In combination with the Sleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet you can turn your crib into a cradle and let Sleepytroll do the rocking.

Bed Adaptor needs to be mounted on top rails with rectangular cross section/­flat side walls. Attachment on rails with cylindrical cross sections will not be secure, and your Sleepytroll may become damaged. The Bed Adaptor fi­ts top rails 1cm – 3.7cm thick.

If your bed is not already rockable by hand you would also need to purchase Bed Rocker Feet. Bed Rocker Feet can only be mounted on cribs with wooden feet, not weighing more than 22 kg (excluding bedding and baby).

Sleepytroll Bed Adaptor comes with an Allan wrench for mounting.



5.990 kr.