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Matchstick Monkey tannbursti ljón

The baby electric sonic toothbrush has been designed to clean little one’s teeth gently and effectively. The ultra-soft bristles on the brush head and gentle vibrations are suitable for newly cut teeth and help you care for your child’s teeth and oral health.
The handy cap protects the brush head and is a great on-the-go solution.
In addition, the product contains integrated BioCote® antimicrobial protection, which reduces the growth of microbes by up to 99.9% and keeps the toothbrush cleaner and fresher for longer.

The electric toothbrush is battery-powered, safety tested and includes a standard AAA battery which can be replaced easily. It comes with a baby sized brush head that can be used from 3-36 months, replacement heads can be purchased separately.
The 3 fun animal character designs and easy to hold handle introduce babies and toddlers to their toothbrushing routine in a fun and engaging way.
Make them smile - From teething to brushing


3.690 kr.