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What is is an online marketplace. We offer great deals on products and services every day, but also host shops with an ever-changing selection of goods, as well as almost 200 restaurants where you can order food for delivery or pickup.

Our goal, on all fronts, is to offer good prices and excellent service.

Is safe? has been operating since April 2011. All payments from debit and credit cards are processed through the secure online gateway of our card processor Teya. Card numbers are stored by Teya - we do not have access to them.


I like the deal of the day - how do I participate?

You just click "buy" before the deal expires. If a minimum number of people take the deal, we will charge your card and send you a confirmation to print out. You can also pay by bank transfer, but make sure to transfer in time to participate.

What happens if the minimum number of buyers for the deal is not reached?

If the minimum number is not reached, the deal automatically falls through and is refunded. Credit/debit cards are not charged until the minimum number has reached the deal. If you have already transferred to and the deal does not reach the minimum, you need to send us an email at with your bank account number and identification number and we will refund it as soon as possible.

I bought the deal of the day - how do I use it?

Once the deal is paid for and has taken effect, participants receive an email confirmation that includes a voucher number and information on where to pick up the product/service. Print out the voucher and take it with you as payment for the product or service on offer. Make sure to book a time or table in advance if the deal involves a treatment or dining at a restaurant. This is done by contacting the respective dealer - the phone number is on the voucher.

If postal delivery is chosen (or if postal delivery is included in the deal), you don't need to do anything except wait for the package to arrive at home or at the nearest post office.

When do I have to use the deal?

The validity period of the deal is always stated in the fine print. It can vary greatly, so make sure to use the deal before it expires.

Can I buy the deal and gift it to someone else?

Yes. Unless the "fine print" specifically states otherwise. In many cases, you can contact the seller and ask for a gift certificate for the voucher - such a thing is always a fun gift.

We also often have many fun deals where you get a beautiful gift certificate emailed to you. You just need to print it out and give it to whoever you want. The certificates contain the logo of the seller, information about what the gift entails, and where the recipient needs to go to use the gift certificate. No name or price appears on the gift certificate.

The deal is sold out but the deal time has not expired. Can I still buy the deal?

No, unfortunately. Sometimes we have a limited amount of product on offer. We usually know about this in advance and state it on the site. The deal is then marked "sold out" when the maximum quantity is reached. However, it can happen that a deal sells better than we expected and the seller cannot deliver more products/services than already sold. In this case, we may have to set a maximum number after a deal has started or even stop selling the deal even though the deal time has not expired. We do this to protect the interests of both sellers and buyers. Therefore, it may pay to make your purchase immediately rather than waiting until the last moment.

If I don't fully use the deal in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

No, unfortunately. Unless otherwise stated, you will not get back the money you do not use. But you can do one thing, bring a friend and share the bill.

Can I combine my deal with other deals?

No. Not unless it is specifically mentioned.

What if the company offering the deal goes bankrupt or ceases operations before I get to use the deal?

If such a situation arises, will refund unused vouchers if their validity period has not expired.

Do you ship abroad?

No, unfortunately, we only ship domestically at the moment. Food and groceries can only be delivered within the capital area.

I have a company and want to sell on

Contact us by phone at 546 5000 or send us an email at [email protected].

Food and Shopping

What is quick commerce?

With quick commerce, you can receive deliveries from restaurantsin your vicinity within 30 minutes and from shops within 30-60 minutes.

How does it work?

You select what you want on and order from one or more places, our system sends the order directly to the seller and assigns drivers to the delivery in real time, who delivers the order to you as soon as it is ready.

Is the waiting time always 30 minutes?

Most days the average wait time is less than 30 minutes, though there are exceptions such as when the weather is bad and demand is high. The Aha system, however, synchronizes the cooking time with the driver's arrival time to ensure that the food arrives hot.

I received a delivery where the estimated wait time was not met.

There can always be deviations, do not hesitate to contact our service center in these cases.

Isn't this environmentally unfriendly?

The Aha fleet has consisted of 100% electric vehicles since 2018.

Are these just contractors delivering the orders?

Most Aha deliveries are delivered by staff who are paid according to Icelandic wage agreements.

What is a small order fee?

A small order fee is an additional charge that is added to our delivery fee from restaurants when an order is placed below a certain threshold.

When an order is made with a small order fee:

  • The additional fee is paid when the order is paid for.
  • The order is processed after the estimated wait time as usual.
  • There is no priority for paying a small order fee.
  • Delivery fee and small order fee only ever apply to 1 place at a time.

What are the thresholds?

The thresholds are tiered and depend on the size of the order and only apply to 1 restaurant at a time. You can't order from more than 1 restaurant or add deals, food, or from a store to reach over the threshold and thereby reduce the delivery fee.

How do I avoid this small order fee?

You can always collect the order at no extra cost or add to the basket from the restaurant and go over the threshold and pay a lower delivery fee.

What is a surge fee?

A surge fee is an additional charge that is added to our delivery fee when the waiting time is longer. This is done to reduce demand and spread it over the peak period.

When an order is made with a surge fee:

  • The additional fee is paid when the order is paid for.
  • The order is processed after the estimated wait time as usual.
  • There is no priority for paying a surge fee.
  • The surge fee is not refunded even if the wait is long after the order.
  • Also, the surge fee is not refunded if the order is delivered earlier than the estimated wait time.

How do I avoid this surge fee?

You can always collect the order at no extra cost when ordering, it's also possible to wait until the waiting time has decreased or pre-order before the peak time starts.

How do I get the order?

You can collect the goods from most restaurants and shops. If the option to pick up the product does not appear when ordering, it is only possible to get the product delivered from the relevant company.

We offer home delivery in the capital area for a small delivery fee. Goods that are ordered to the countryside are sent with Íslandspóstur.

When will I get the order?

You can receive the order as quickly as possible or pre-order and choose a convenient delivery time. On the restaurant page, you can keep track of the estimated cooking and delivery time. Note that this is just an estimated time that should give an indication of the wait but many factors can affect the wait time with little warning. We send you an SMS as soon as the order is ready for delivery or departs. To see when you can pick up the food, it's good to start by putting one item in the basket and then check what delivery options are available, they can vary by store.

If the demand is so high that our delivery personnel can't handle more at the moment, home delivery is temporarily closed, starting in the outskirts. However, you can always order and collect.

What if the product is not available?

It can always happen that a product is not available. If this happens, you will receive further instructions from us as needed.

Do I always have to be picking the same things into the basket?

Once you have made an order for the first time, you can select the Same as last button the next time you order from the same company. You can then modify that basket, take out and add before you proceed from the next order.

Can I get it sent to work, to grandpa or grandma?

Yes - you can set up multiple addresses in the system, both to send to work or to send to relatives who have difficulty going to the store. In such cases, we encourage you to use the time you saved to visit the person.

Can I get it sent by drone?

Yes - when the weather permits, we send from Skeifan and up to 4km in all directions. In those cases when it is available, it will appear in the order process. We have a specific FAQ page in relation to drones - Click here and learn all about the service.

I want to return a product that I bought in the store?

In general, the same terms apply to product returns as apply in the relevant store. It's best to contact the store you bought the product from directly, but you can also bring the product to us at Grensásvegur 11 within two months and we will give you store credit instead. The product must be unused and in its original packaging and you must provide the order number. If a product turns out to be defective, we will, of course, refund it. See more here about warranties and return policy.

You cannot return food and restaurant meals.

If I give a product bought on the product page as a gift - can the recipient return the product?

The return policy is the same whether the product is given as a gift or not. The recipient can return the product within the same guidelines as stated above, i.e., the product must be unused, in its original packaging, and within two months of purchase.

What is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is a fee for the delivery of the order. The delivery fee is the same regardless of the size of the order. Aha charges a delivery fee from most places, but there are exceptions, for example, free delivery from some places at certain times.

How is the delivery fee determined?

The delivery fee is determined by a number of factors, including the distance between the restaurant/shop and the delivery address, the number of orders in the area, and the demand for our service at the time of the order.

What is included in the delivery fee?

The delivery fee covers the cost of providing the delivery service. This includes the costs associated with picking up and delivering your order, including wages for our delivery personnel, vehicle expenses, insurance, and other operational costs.

Can the delivery fee change?

The delivery fee is dynamic and can vary based on the factors listed above.

How does aha make money?

Aha makes money by charging a delivery fee to customers and a commission from the restaurants and shops.

Do you get a discount if you order a lot?

Aha does not currently offer discounts for large orders. However, from time to time, Aha may offer promotional discounts or special deals. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the latest offers and promotions.

I found a mistake on the page?

We are very grateful for the help in spotting errors on our website. If you find a mistake, please let us know by sending us a message through our contact form. We strive to fix any errors as soon as possible.

I want to give feedback, how do I do that?

We always appreciate feedback from our customers. You can give feedback through our website, by emailing us, or by reaching out to us on social media. Your feedback helps us improve our service and ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

I'm not satisfied with the service, what can I do?

If you are not satisfied with our service, we encourage you to contact our customer service team. We take all complaints seriously and will do our best to resolve any issues you may have.

Can I tip the driver?

Yes, you can tip the driver. Any tips you give are greatly appreciated and go directly to the driver.

How does tipping work?

Tipping is optional and is not included in the delivery fee. If you choose to tip, you can do so when you place your order or after your delivery is completed.

Is it safe to order from aha?

Yes, it is safe to order from Aha. We have stringent health and safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of our customers and our team. This includes following all local health department guidelines, using safe food handling practices, and providing contactless delivery.

How do you handle food allergies?

When you place an order, you can include any dietary restrictions or food allergies in the special instructions section. However, it is also a good idea to contact the restaurant directly to ensure they can accommodate your dietary needs. Aha is not responsible for any allergic reactions to foods delivered through our service.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within a certain timeframe after placing it. However, once the restaurant or shop has started preparing your order, it may no longer be possible to cancel it. Please check our terms and conditions for more information on cancellations.

What happens if my order is late?

If your order is late, please contact our customer service team. We will do our best to resolve the issue and ensure your order is delivered as soon as possible.

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this number to track the status of your order on our website.

How do I change my order after it's been placed?

Changes to orders can usually be made within a certain timeframe after the order has been placed. However, once the restaurant or shop has started preparing your order, changes may no longer be possible. If you need to make a change to your order, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible.

What happens if something is wrong with my order?

If there is a problem with your order, please contact our customer service team. We will work with you to resolve the issue. In some cases, this may involve issuing a refund or redelivering the order.