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CC Origin meðgöngusamfestingur indigo

You’ll love the Origin maternity and nursing suit: A must-have for the pregnant woman’s daily life, this suit can be worn during and after pregnancy, thanks to its supple material and its easy access to the breast for breastfeeding. Its belt, to be tied, marks your future mom belly with femininity and delicacy. Made of an ecological, sustainable and biodegradable fibre called Lyocell, this maternity and breastfeeding suit will bring you softness and comfort.

Origin is made from natural materials, from sustainably managed forests. Mainly eucalyptus which requires very little water to obtain Lyocell.

CC Origin meðgöngusamfestingur indigo Þægilegur samfestingur Indigo blár. Efni eucalyptus

12.900 kr. 5.160 kr.
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12.900 kr.
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7.740 kr.