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That’s mine Silva hitapoki Feather Grey

Our fine moon-shaped heating pad is perfectly shaped for you and easy to carry. The pillow’s filling is organic wheat kernels, which makes this heating pad 100% organic. The pillow will help relieve cramps, pain during the breastfeeding period and many other situations. You can also freeze the pad and use it afterwards.

The heating pad is easy to use, just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes on a plate so it doesn’t touch the sides.
Then set the micro oven to 750 Watt/Medium heat or use your regular oven for 10-15 minutes at 125 degrees.

Colour: Feather Gray Country of
origin: India
Quality: 10% Organic cotton, 90% Natural wheat buck

Washing instructions for Heating pad Cover: Wash hot (max 40°C) • Do not tumble dry • Do not bleach
Washing instructions for Inner pad: Do not wash • Do not tumble dry • Do not bleach

That’s mine Silva hitapoki Feather Grey Silva organic heating pad with wheat kernels. Can be used for inflammation in the chest or to relieve pain.