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GAGA Skorrdal's designs are distinguished by independent thinking and a flair for the unexpected. "I have two hands, one brain, many ideas, and a very good sense of humor." That's what it takes.

Expect the unexpected
Many people come to Iceland hoping to come across something unusual and wonderful. Make sure gaga is on your list of places to visit, and you'll find it.

Explore GAGA for clothes, hats, caps, sweaters, and textiles… One will often find at GAGA a delightful reconciliation of seeming opposites. What is more worldly and sensible than materials such as wool or linen - yet, they become otherworldly and elegant in GAGA design. Be surprised by silks as pleasurable as they are functional, and by other materials put to novel uses. Try some of the many wares gaga has to offer: who knew going wild would look so good? If you've never found the perfect winter hat, GAGA is where you'll find it.

And now for something completely different In Icelandic, "gaga" is usually taken to mean completely crazy. But in this case, it's a good kind of crazy. GAGA balances elegant design with the untamed, the stormy, the wild. Unrestrained creativity combines with design talent to produce items that are both beautiful and fun.

A world of wonders Enter the wonderful world of GAGA, where Iceland's unique conditions are reflected in a selection of clothing and accessories as diverse as they are beautiful. Drawing inspiration from Icelandic nature, designer GAGA Skorrdal's line is at once worldly and otherworldly.

Located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, encountering GAGA is like finding a hot spring in the barren Icelandic highlands; or a soft, mossy grotto in an inhospitable landscape. Cross the threshold into a realm of natural beauty in wool, linen and silk.

GAGA Design is a registered company in Iceland.
Company information:
Name: Rafljós ehf
Address: Vogalandi 8, 
108 Reykjavík, Iceland.
SSN: 520269-3719


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Varan er heimsend á 3 - 5 dögum.

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Gaga Vogalandi 8, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland. Sími: 847 2306

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