Croissant m/ osti og skinku 90gr

Ingredients: Wheat ?our, water, butter 18%, pieces of cooked ham 10% (pork, iodized table salt, sugar, dextrose,spices, seasonings, spice extract, antioxidant E301, ?avoring, preservative E250), cheese 9% (coloring agent E160a), sauce powder (egg powder, vegetable oil, modifed starch E1414, milk powder, salt, emulsifer E322 (soya), yeast extract, sugar, lactose, whey powder, thickener E410; E412, milk protein, onion, ?avoring, spices, spice extract), yeast, baking agent (wheat starch, wheat malt ?our, wheat ?our, sweet whey powder, wheat gluten, emulsifer E322, ?our improver E300, enzymes: alpha-amylase; xylanase; hemicellulase), liquid egg, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, barley maltextract, skimmed milk powder. Formula A article 4 decree EG No. 1898/05 content of milk fat min. 14%. May contain traces of nuts, sesame, celery and mustard

Croissant with ham and cheese

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