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Netgengið ehf. operating as Aha.is was founded in March 2011. Our group consists of openminded people who are interested in making local e-commerce a viable option. We are a family owned company and don't have big investors behind us. Our goal is to build our company on the trust and goodwill of our customers by providing quality products both to our suppliers and customers.

The original reason for the establishment of Aha.is was our interest in introducing Icelanders to all the wonderful things Iceland has to offer at affordable prices, providing daily deals. From there our platform has developed into a local e-commerce marketplace where the customer can order almost anything from local suppliers and have the products delivered to their home within a few hours (even minutes at times) using our fleet of electric cars or - weather permitting - drones.

Aha.is is located at Grensásvegi 11, 108 Reykjavík. Our phone number is +354 546 5000. You can also send us an email at veitingar@aha.is. Netgengið ehf. has the company ID number 650311-1160 and the VAT number 107580.

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