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Alecto barnapíutæki m myndavél 2,4"

Alecto barnapíutæki með myndavél and 2.4 ” litaskjá

Simple baby monitor with color camera Alecto Baby DVM-75 Baby monitor with camera and 2.4 “color display Energy-saving Eco mode Profitable price Available in the colors white and anthracite A baby monitor provides a safe feeling in the first place.

The certainty that your child is sleeping nicely. You can expect that from this simple baby monitor with camera. But not only that! Because thanks to that camera, this baby monitor is both practical and incredibly fun. The color screen of the parent unit is slightly larger than six centimeters and gives a sharp image. Also in the dark. Enjoy the sight of your sleeping hummel and watch as you wake up, or during the ‘conversations’ with favorite cuddly toys. You get the baby monitor as standard with one camera, but you can extend the set to four cameras. Handy if you have more children and in the playroom. Specifications of the simple baby monitor with camera Some children sleep very quietly. When they get out of bed, they are still exactly as you put them. But you also have little ones that are tidying around the entire bed. Will you like to go to bed adventure? Then it is very nice that you can move the camera with you, remotely. Rotate the lens up, down or sideways for the best picture. What else can you pay attention to? We put some nice specifications of this simple baby monitor with camera in a row: The energy-saving Eco mode, for parents who consciously deal with energy. The talk-back function, because for your child nothing is better than the reassuring sound of your voice. The temperature display, so you know whether it is warm / fresh enough in the room. The noise level lights, which you can see how much noise your child makes. The range up to three hundred meters, so you can worry free in and around the house. With this simple baby monitor with camera from Alecto you choose for attractively priced top quality. What’s in the box? The came



21.900 kr.